Fees and Cancellation Policy

Driver Registration Cost: Registration fee is per event (please check https://www.motorsportreg.com/ for current events and pricing. Driver will receive their Driver Wrist Band at Event Check in the day of the event. We limit drivers per event. This will give our drivers the ultimate driving experience.

Car Sharing:

Cars may be shared but each driver must register separately and pay a separate registration fee.

Additional Cars:

Drivers may bring additional cars to swap out as the wish through out the open track day, however there is a $95 charge per car.

Passengers Registration:

Passengers are allowed with a $20 per passenger fee. One passenger per car at a time. Passenger must be 18 yrs or older with a valid drivers license and approved helmet. Drivers car must be equipped with proper seat and safety harness/belts for passenger. Passenger must wear passenger wrist band and show to get on paddock.

Cancellation Policy:

The following cancellation policy applies to all Track Advantage events:

There will be no exceptions to these cancellation policies.

Entry fees cannot be transferred to another driver.

All refund request must be emailed to the Registrar prior to the dates listed below. Email address is christa@trackadvantage.com

There are no refunds or credits if you cancel less than 10 days from the event.

If you cancel 10 days or MORE prior to the event you have two options.

Full Refund less 7% of your total entry fee with a $50 minimum

Payment: Registration must be paid in full prior to event day. Payment can be made through Motorsports Reg.com via Credit Card. Passengers can register during driving check in and can be paid via cash only.