Driver Requirements

Novice -Instructor required, Designated passing zones only – Point by Required.

"Novice" drivers are those who have 0-5 days track experience and are new to the high performance driving world. All Novice drivers will be assigned a qualified instructor.

Intermediate- Designated passing zones only – Point by Required.

"Intermediate" drivers are those who have participated in at least 10+ HPDE track days and have been "signed off" by a qualified instructor on multiple tracks. Passing other cars in Intermediate is only allowed in certain areas, depending on the track, after the driver of the lead car signals.

Advanced- Open passing anywhere – Point by Required.

"Advanced" are those who have participated in at least 15+ track days and have been "signed off" by an instructor for multiple tracks. Driver has ability to multitask at high levels, can perform safe passes through corners, drive off line comfortably, and can drive side by side with no incidents. Must also be able to manage traffic instinctively with out causing trains. Passing other cars in Advanced is allowed anywhere on the track, but only after the driver of the lead car signals acknowledging the pass.

Unrestricted AdvancedOpen passing anywhere – No point by required.

1) Current race License from approved sports car racing sanctioning organization OR:

2) Experienced driver with 50+ days track experience.

Helmet / Clothing Specifications

Helmet Requirement - SA2015 or newer, NO DOT or motorcycle helmets permitted.

HANS devices, fireproof clothing, shoes, and gloves are recommended.


Flags are the only way corner workers can communicate with you while you are on the track. Pay attention to the location of the corner workers during your warm-up laps... in an emergency they are your best allies. Failure to heed the flags will result in expulsion from the event.


The track is open and cars are running at speed. Passing is allowed in the passing zones.

Stationary Yellow

Proceed with caution, no passing, be prepared to alter your line if necessary.

Waving Yellow

Warns of an immediate hazard on the course, you may need to stop or slow down significantly. This flag is often used when a spin occurs and there is a stalled car partially on the track or just off the track. Do not slam on the brakes without checking your mirrors - the car immediately behind you will end up in your trunk!


This flag indicates there is some foreign object, or fluid, on the track surface ahead. The track surface conditions have changed, and you may need to alter your line to avoid the object, or slow down to avoid slipping on spilled fluids. You might encounter a piece off another car ahead, dirt or gravel spread on the track surface, or wetness from a spill or rain.

Blue with Yellow Stripe

The passing flag. A faster car is behind you... check your mirrors and prepare to signal cars behind you to pass at the next opportunity.... remember to stay on-line and lift off the throttle slightly to allow the pass to be complete... failure to heed this warning will result in a black flag.


Indicates an emergency vehicle or slow moving car is on the track.


This flags indicates an emergency situation. Check your mirrors and bring your car to a controlled and complete stop on the right side of the track. We may need to get emergency vehicles on the track quickly, and they will use the left side of the track. Stay on the track... your hot muffler may start a grass fire. Once stopped, release the brakes and do not engage the parking brake to avoid warping your rotors.

Black with Red Circle

The meat ball flag indicates there is a mechanical problem with your car... something hanging, a leak, etc. Drive your car to the pits as soon as possible or pull off the track near the next corner worker station (if there is a fire).


You have been identified as breaking the rules or endangering others. Drive your car to the pits and be prepared to talk with an event official.


The session is over... you should begin your cool-down lap and be prepared to exit from the track at the next pit entrance.

Track Advantage Rules and Regulations

Our Rules and regulations below are to ensure the safety of you, our crew and all guests at any event we host. We want to provide a track day with fewer rules, however safety will ALWAYS be TOP PRIORITY! We can have fun but always use our best judgement. Anyone not following the rules set forward or are driving in an unsafe manner will be ejected from the event immediately with no refund. Please do not make us ever have to do this.

  1. Our events have limited enrollment, please arrive early to get signed in and on the track .

  2. Gates will open during specified times depending on each tracks venue.

  3. Drivers need to come prepared to wear full coverage pants and fireproof clothing is recommended.

  4. Please ensure all loose items are removed from your car, including but not limited to all items in your trunk, under seats, console, glove compartment , door cubbies and cup holders.

  5. Cars need to have secured numbers on both the drivers side and passengers at least 10 inches high. Taped numbers are permitted.

  6. Speed limits are 15 mph on all paddocks unless otherwise posted.

  7. Drivers must have both door windows rolled completely down regardless if a passenger is on board.

  8. If there is a passenger, they must be 16 yrs or older. In same restraints as driver. Drivers and passengers must always be fully restrained while on the track or moving vehicle .

  9. Drivers meeting is Mandatory

  10. Drivers need to have a complete tech form filled out on arrival. Tech forms need to be visible and placed under the windshield wiper on the drivers side so it can be signed off as received. Each driver must also have signed a release and waiver of liability before being allowed on the track .

  11. You must also have and show a required helmet up to current specs. (see helmet requirements above)

  12. No drivers permitted under the age of 18.

  13. The first lap of the day will be under YELLOW FLAG no passing, this will be your warm up lap.

  14. Please always respect instruction given by the event crew, emergency personnel and corner workers. If you are not sure if a flag or direction is intended for you , it is best to obey it anyway.

  15. Event is an open track session, each driver can come on and off track as they please. The track will close for one hour during lunch. This is for the drivers and corner workers to take a break and rest to ensure everyone continues to safe on the track. Take this time to HYDRATE and refuel your body and cars.

  16. Any and all damage caused to the facility will be the responsibility of the driver.

  17. Smoking is strictly enforced. Smoking can only be in designated areas. Strictly prohibited in the pits, fueling areas or inside any building.

We are not here to race. These events are intended to safely and legally drive your car FAST! Please do this and be aware of other drivers. Please play nice! We do not hand out trophies!!!